Hi, I'm Rossi


In the book "Happiness is in me"


I offer easy and safe techniques,


with which I achieve the successes I want!





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For your intellectual and spiritual growth you can


read the book "HAPPINESS IS IN ME" /152 pages/ ,


which is easy to read and easily understandable.



This book shows the right choices made and actions taken


to achieve your aims and make your dreams come true.



This book gives practical advice for a happy life.


We always have complete freedom of choice


and action to help each other live a happier life!




Book reviews


A brilliant book for people who want


to be healthy, confident and happy.


There are ways in the book to achieve this.


Ilievi family



The book "Happiness is in me" helps


to realize how we can control


our lives to be healthy and happy.


Marinela Benova 15.12.2021



I read the book "Happiness is in me" and


I was amazed that important processes in life are


explained in the simplest way and at the same time


proved in a philosophical and psychoanalytical way.


The book is easy to read and it's like a drug,


you can't stop and keep reading the next page.


Tsvetomira Uzunska - Pleven Medical University



I have an extensive library and have read many


philosophical books. In the book "Happiness is in me"


logically and convincingly explain important things


such as karma, the childish in us, the dark and light


side in us, prayer, the role of money, mental dependence,


love, feelings, emotions, power in us in a few sentences


and other. While these things have been explained


some times in entire volumes of books, and yet they are


not as convincing as in the book "Happiness is within me".


Daniela Nikolova


The book describes how to control our


thoughts and actions in order to be happy,


and the ways described in the book to help


our selves are free and take little time.


Lyudmila Spasova - marketing department


I admire the erudition and


he courage of the author.


Dr. Ivanova


The book "Happiness is within me" is very


valuable and in my opinion every person should


have it and act in the way described in the book.


Everything is very easy as a way to change, you just


have to to be constant and to act continuously.


P. Staneva


I have read many things on the topics that are


described in the book "Happiness is within me"


and I admire the refined writing style - it is


explained concisely and to the point and


focused on learning new knowledge.


Emil Enchev


An interesting book, as if the author tried


not to have a single superfluous word.


Everything is explained very clearly and


convincingly, so you start to believe that


your happiness depends only on you.


Radostina Tsoneva


The book changed my worldview, so now


I feel confident in myself, and many


things that were important to me,


now I consider them insignificant.


Valeria Nanova


Many valuable books written in the past


are allegorical and with many metaphors


because they were written in another time.


Today people value their time and don't


have time to figure out such writing style.


The style of the author of the book


"Happiness is in me" is clear, precise


and unambiguous. I read the book with


pleasure and often re-read it because


it gives me courage and shows me


ways to achieve what I want.


Asenova - history teacher


Dear readers,


One is not born to live happily.


Every person is born to seek and


find their happiness. In the book,


I have shown the main ways how each


person can achieve their happiness.


Thanks to everyone who sends reviews and


opinions about the book. I love you very much.


Rositsa Parvanova - the author of the book